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    First off, for those of you who don't know what a "Super Gun" is, it's now a misnomer name actually.  There once  
actually was a "Super Gun."  It was the very first device that let you play arcade games at home, without a cabinet.
But nowadays, the word "Super Gun" basically describes any device that lets you play actual arcade games in the
comfort of your own home, without a cabinet.  Back during the Street Fighter 2 days (early 1990's), when the mother
of all fighting games came out, these device started appearing.  They were pretty popular in Japan and to this day,
still are.  In the USA however, they are less popular.  Currently only 2 companies make Super Gun devices.
The more popular of the two is the one made by Mas Systems, in which they call the "Super Nova."
The other company, called Great Western Trading Company, just  started making their own Super Gun device,
which they call H.G.A (home game arcade system).

8pinDIN.jpg (6016 bytes)

MAS Super NOVA 8 pin female DIN
peripherial view)

1 S-Video (Y)
2 RGB Ground
3 S-Video (C)
4 S-Video Ground
5 Green
6 Red
7 Sync
8 Blue

4minidin.gif (340 bytes)
4 pin female mini DIN
(peripherial view)

1 Ground Ground (Y)
2 Ground Ground (C)
3 Y Intensity (Luminance)
4 C Color (Chrominance)


9pinAmiga.gif (452 bytes)
(at the monitor)
9 pin DIN for Amiga 1084D and 1084DS
Customize for the 8 pin DIN listed above

1 RGB Ground
2 RGB Ground
3 Red
4 Green
5 Blue
6 Intensity
7 N/C
8 Horizontal sync
9 Vertical sync

arcade2.jpg (90786 bytes)

Mas System's "Super Nova"
supergun.jpg (25664 bytes)




  • 2 players simultaneous
  • Up to 4 players simultaneous maximum (added option)
  • 6 button control panel with Street Fighter 2 style layout
  • Stereo output:  RCA jacks for both LEFT/RIGHT channels
  • Ultimate pushbuttons with cherry micoswitches
  • Ultimate joysticks with cherry micoswitches
  • Internal 3 inch mono speaker
  • Internal power supply with +5V {15A}, -5V {2A}, +12V {1A}
  • JAMMA & JAMMA+ compatible
  • Auxiliary connector for additional buttons
  • Video output 1:  RGB and S-video (8 pin female DIN)
  • Video output 2:  Composite video
  • Made of 3/4 inch thick high density particle board

One of the most important things to know is the layout of the pin connectors.  Your Super Gun won't mean shit if
you can't output the signal to either a TV or a monitor.  To make things more simple for me, I used the pinouts that the MAS System Super NOVA uses.  It's simple, yet works pretty well.  A 5 pin female DIN can be used in place of the 8 pin
female DIN, if you just want
RGB on one connector.  But for those who want to make their system more compact and have less connectors in the back, using an 8 pin female DIN for both the RGB and S-video, is the way to go.

JAMMA Connector Pin-Outs
(Super Nova / Super Gun version)

{bottom half}
{top half}
Ground A 1 Ground
Ground B 2 Ground
+5V C 3 +5V
+5V D 4 +5V
-5V E 5 -5V
+12V F 6 +12V
(not used)  Key  (not used) H 7 (not used)  Key  (not used)
(optional)  Coin counter 2  (optional) J 8 (optional)  Coin counter 1  (optional)
(not used)  Lockout 2  (not used) K 9 (not used)  Lockout 1  (not used)
Speaker - L 10 Speaker +
(optional)  Audio Ground -  (optional) M 11 (optional)  Audio +  (optional)
Video Green N 12 Video Red
Video Sync P 13 Video Blue
(optional)  Service Switch  (optional) R 14 Video Ground
(not used)  Tilt Switch  (not used) S 15 (optional)  Test Switch  (optional)
Coin 2 T 16 Coin 1
2 Player start U 17 1 Player start
Player 2 Up V 18 Player 1 Up
Player 2 Down W 19 Player 1 Down
Player 2 Left X 20 Player 1 Left
Player 2 Right Y 21 Player 1 Right
Player 2 Button 1 Z 22 Player 1 Button 1
Player 2 Button 2 Aa 23 Player 1 Button 2
Player 2 Button 3 Ab 24 Player 1 Button 3
Not used
(BUTTON 4 on Neo Geo)
Ac 25 Not used
(BUTTON 4 on Neo Geo)
Not used
(SELECT on Neo Geo)
Ad 26 Not used
(SELECT on Neo Geo)
Ground Ae 27 Ground
Ground Af 28 Ground